Z-RISEN: REAVERS is now out on Amazon!

Hey all,

I’m happy to post that Z-Risen 4: Reavers is now out on Amazon. Head on over and pick up a copy.

Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed, Christy, and Frosty, have been separated from their companions. With no idea how to contact his friends, Marine Sergeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly, and out of supplies and ammo, the three reluctantly join a group who offer a secure and fortified location.

But the new group have done something that shakes Creed to the core, they’ve captured a shuffler, and plan to find out the ghoul’s secrets at any cost. Now a massive horde of Z’s is about to descend on the location and no one may be able to escape the coming onslaught.

I hope you all enjoy the new novel in the ongoing Z-Risen series.



  1. masons mom   •  

    When will Reevers 5 be out?

    • zrisentim   •     Author

      Hopefully around March or April. I have another book coming out first called Impact Earth. Z-Risen 5 will follow. Thanks so much for reading!


      • Megan M   •  

        I just finished book 4 and need the next book!!! Love this series and now I’ve got nothing left to read! When will you be putting us out of our misery and give us book 5?!

        • zrisentim   •     Author

          I’m hard at work on the book at the moment. In the next few weeks a quasi-sequel to Beyond the Barriers will be out and it combines the Beyond world with Z-Risen. With any luck I’ll have Z-Risen 5 out in September. Thank you for reading!

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