Z-Risen: Outcasts update

Z-Risen 2: Outcasts is coming along nicely. I’d hoped to have the book ready for February but it looks like it will be closer to a late March release due to other commitments. The new book is taking Jackson Creed and Joel Kelly into some interesting territory. That said, I’m already looking forward to book 3 – Z-Risen: Out of Time before the end of the year. For fans of the first book I’m happy to say that this won’t simply be a trilogy and the series will go on as long as it takes to tell the entire story.

A big thank you goes out to one of my favorite sites, Bookie-Monster. I read all of the reviews on the site and was thrilled to see Z-Risen: Outbreak get a 5 star rating. The bookie-monster herself proclaimed “Z-Risen is one heck of a fast-paced, action-packed, rip-roaring funny ride.” Swing by their site and checkout the wealth of great reviews.

I’m close to inking a deal to bring the first two books of Z-Risen to audible.com. I’m hoping to bring Todd Menesses on as narrator because he did an outstanding job on my urban fantasy, AT THE BEHEST OF THE DEAD.

Don’t forget to enter the contest on the front page of Z-Risen.com. I’m giving away a Kindle.

Thank you all so much for the positive reception Z-Risen has received. I’m looking forward to writing many more books in this series.

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  1. jamalluckett   •  

    Why I just happened to have an audible.com account!

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