Z-RISEN: OUTCASTS has been released

I’m happy to say that Z-RISEN 2: OUTCASTS has been released.

“When the USS McClusky, a US Naval frigate out of San Diego, ran aground, it was only the beginning for Machinist Mate Jackson Creed and Marine Sergeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly. The unlikely duo battled for survival as they established a base of operations and fought to retain their “fortress.” 

Now they have been driven out of the city by a massive horde of the undead. On the road with new companions, including mercenaries with murky pasts, the band of survivors face new challenges at every turn. 

Jackson and Creed’s journey will take them across a nightmare landscape where the living may be just as dangerous as the dead.”

Check the book out on Amazon now.



  1. linda crowder   •  

    So excited, cant wait to read this book !

  2. linda crowder   •  

    Im so excited to read this book !

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