Z-Risen 3 update

Long time no talk. I bet you’re wondering where in the hell Z-Risen 3: Poisoned Earth is. Well it’s still in the works and it is turning out to be the most epic book in the series so far. By the way, if you think book 3 will close out the series, I have news for you. I’m projecting the series at 6 novels so hold on to your butt. This is going to be a long trip in to the zombie apocalypse.

So Z-Risen 3 is coming together nicely and I hope to see it released in April 2015. Hang in there, friends, it will be worth the wait.

The audio version of Z-Risen is now out and it contains book One and Two for an epic 12 hour eargasm. That’s right, you can now listen to Creed and Kelly kill stuff and drop F-bombs like no one’s business. Check it out on audible.

If you want to check out something completely different, from yours truly, I just released an mini-epic-fantasy-parody called THERE ARE NO HEROES IN THIS STORY. It’s 21,000 words of foul mouthed dwarves, fantasy tropes beaten to within an inch of their lives, and some hot dragon on elf action (not really … kinda – don’t fucking judge me). Next year the full novel THERE ARE NO HEROES IN THIS BOOK will pick up where “story” left off.

I’m proud to say that the book will be released by none other than Evil Girlfriend Media – one of the best new publishers in the game.

Now I need to get back to epic zombie head smashing via Jackson Creed and Joel “Cruze” Kelly.

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  1. Jonathan   •  

    Thanks for the update! I’ve read dozens upon dozens of zompoc novels and your Z-Risen series is absolute perfection. Very engaging characters, top notch frantic action, cannot wait for the next installment!

    • zrisentim   •     Author

      Book 3 is well underway. There are some fun surprises coming for Creed and Kelly.

  2. Mark Greenwell   •  

    enjoyed your first two z-risen books. Looking forward to z-risen 3: Poisened earth.

    • zrisentim   •     Author

      It’s in the works. I hope to have it ready by the end of next month.

  3. neal   •  

    Keep up the good work! There are only a few authors that I like to read in the zombie/post apacaliptic genre and you are one. Looking forword to the next adventure!

  4. Matt   •  

    Just found and devoured the first two books. Book 2 said Book 3 was coming in 2014, and this post says November 2014, but I couldn’t find it on Amazon. Any updates?

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