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Z-Risen 3: Poisoned Earth is OUT

Z-Risen 3 is now out and available on Amazon.

Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed and Marine Sergeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly have faced hordes of undead, rogue military units, and a constant living nightmare as they try to navigate the apocalypse.

Now they are close to their goal of reaching Los Angeles where they hope to learn the origin of the plague that has affected the US. Along the way they’ve been harried by the shadow mercenary group known only as Bright Star but that is all about to change.

Questions will be answered and lives will be altered if they can only survive the harrowing trip. Poisoned Earth is the penultimate volume in the Z-Risen series which has already sold over 20,000 copies to date.

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 SSDD – Sample

05:35 hours approximate
Location: Just outside of L.A.

The sun rose over a desolate road, and that’s the nicest thing I could say about the morning.

Abandoned cars and trucks lay across the road like an obstacle course in hell. Suitcases had been emptied and tossed to the side. Glove boxes hung loose and had long since been vacated of all but papers and melted tubes of lipstick. I no longer bothered to check under seats.

After a vehicle had sat in the sun for a few weeks, anything that had been edible became something mushy and frequently sported mold or, as a real bonus, maggots and rot. I once found a bag with a freaking severed hand inside. The hand didn’t move, but I damn sure did. What kind of a wacko cuts off someone’s hand and leaves it in a goddamn bag?

There was enough debris littering the road to remind me of a war documentary. I used to watch the History Channel. They always showed men and women on the move, dragging kids and belongings. That wasn’t the case now. We were in the midst of a full-scale war that none of us were truly equipped to deal with. We did our best, but it was hard to handle the shitstorm we’d endured for the past month.

The level of Zs had decreased as we moved away from the city on our journey to Los Angeles. That didn’t mean we could be any less vigilant. One wrong move–one careless step like forgetting to check under the camper before everyone was out–and it could be the end for one or all of us.

I’d seen a Z try to grab Christy when she dropped to the ground. Either we’d run over the bastard or he’d crawled under there during the night. He’d sent Christy stumbling back and screaming. I wasn’t too quick with the wrench, because bashing something that’s got its head under a vehicle is like the most fucked up game of Whack-A-Mole ever devised.

Just another day in paradise.

The night before, we’d spent our time huddled in the camper, backed up between two houses so we had an easy exit. The pair of ramblers was so close together that the truck slid between them, leaving very little room on either side of our mobile home. If the Zs came, we’d have a fighting chance.

Following our escape from a shitload of shufflers and an asshole with an army, we’d spent a week plus change on the road. We didn’t move all that fast. Didn’t try to. It was a time to lick our wounds and press on. Los Angeles had become some kind of quest. It was our fiery mountain in Mordor. It was where we’d find warm beds, food, and acceptance. We had talked about it so much and for so long we no longer considered what would happen if the town was like everywhere else we’d visited: fucked.

Frosty–our newly adopted dog–was the only one that played it cool. She nosed around the little camper, and I took her out when she sniffed at the door. She always kept on guard, and still didn’t bark when Zs were near. I was tempted on more than one occasion to let her tease some Zs like she’d done the day I found her. Seemed like she loved nothing more than taunting the undead and leading them on a chase. But she was also smart enough not to let one of the rotters get ahold of her.

When I went out, Christy went with me, and hung around asking questions every minute. Never knew a kid could have so many random thoughts in her head. When will we find a place to sleep? Where are we going to get some fresh fruit? Could we grow a garden somewhere? Would I ever tell Anna how I felt about her? That last one got me, but I ignored it, because Anna was aloof about what had happened between us. Two could play that game, so I kept my mouth shut for a change.

When we found our safe place for the night, Christy took Frosty out to play. With the dog outside, I knew that if she got a whiff of more than one or two Zs she’d sound the alarm and we’d hightail it to a new hiding spot.


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