Z-Risen 3: Poisoned Earth available for pre-order

I’m very excited to announce that Z-Risen 3: Poisoned Earth is now available for pre-order. It’s been a long road to getting this book completed but now it’s only a month away.

Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed and Marine Sargeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly have faced hordes of undead, rogue military units, and a constant living nightmare as they try to navigate the apocalypse. 

Now they are close to their goal of reaching Los Angeles where they hope to learn the origin of the plague that has affected the US. Along the way they’ve been harried by the shadow mercenary group known only as Bright Star but that is all about to change.

Questions will be answered if they can only survive the harrowing trip. Poisoned Earth is the penultimate volume in the Z-Risen series.

I’m also happy to announce that the story will continue later this year with Z-Risen 4: Reavers. This book is in the planning stages but I’ll share more as soon as I can.

The release date for Z-Risen 3 is June 9th but I’m working hard to make the book available by the end of May. As a thank you all for your patience, Z-Risen 1 is on sale for .99 until the third book is released.

z-risen 3 cover small

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  1. Jon Theisen   •  

    Great news, I have been waiting to hear this book was coming our soon for a long time, awesome storyline.

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