So I was Drinking


This weekend I spent some time with a friend and we talked about growing up, and how life lessons that beat us up helped define us. My friend left home early and ended up pursuing an education. I wasn’t as smart, I went gung-ho and decided to join the military, the US Navy to be exact. The year was 1987 and I was all of 18 years old. I wanted to see the world, experience life, maybe go overseas and meet interesting people (read … girls).

sailor 1So I signed, went to boot camp six months later, in Great Lakes, where it sometimes hit -40 degrees, and realized I may have made a mistake. It turned out that I probably wasn’t suited for the military because I was independent and liked setting my own schedule. All that gets tossed out the window when you’re enlisted. You have to return to base at a certain time, you can’t just run off for a weekend – especially if you’re deployed, because you’re separated by rules and a whole lot of ocean. Continue reading…

Z-Risen: Outcasts update

Z-Risen 2: Outcasts is coming along nicely. I’d hoped to have the book ready for February but it looks like it will be closer to a late March release due to other commitments. The new book is taking Jackson Creed and Joel Kelly into some interesting territory. That said, I’m already looking forward to book 3 – Z-Risen: Out of Time before the end of the year. For fans of the first book I’m happy to say that this won’t simply be a trilogy and the series will go on as long as it takes to tell the entire story.

A big thank you goes out to one of my favorite sites, Bookie-Monster. I read all of the reviews on the site and was thrilled to see Z-Risen: Outbreak get a 5 star rating. The bookie-monster herself proclaimed “Z-Risen is one heck of a fast-paced, action-packed, rip-roaring funny ride.” Swing by their site and checkout the wealth of great reviews.

I’m close to inking a deal to bring the first two books of Z-Risen to I’m hoping to bring Todd Menesses on as narrator because he did an outstanding job on my urban fantasy, AT THE BEHEST OF THE DEAD.

Don’t forget to enter the contest on the front page of I’m giving away a Kindle.

Thank you all so much for the positive reception Z-Risen has received. I’m looking forward to writing many more books in this series.

Beer Run Part Two

Beer Run – Part 2

18:45 hours approximate
Location: Undead Central, San Diego, CA

We exited the block and ran into the parking lot of an apartment complex. Joel and I had dodged behind cars and concrete dividers at every opportunity. Our sprint had carried us nearly a hundred and fifty yards away from the dumpster and I, for one, had begun to feel it.

I panted, hunched next to a car; Joel did the same. He swept his ball cap off his black head and wiped sweat from his brow with his sleeve. San Diego might be a comfortable seventy degrees but running for your life has a tendency to make you sweat like a pig.

I pointed at my orange wristband and he gave me the finger. While we took a breather, I ejected the magazine from the M45 and filled the five rounds I’d emptied into Z’s. Joel took a moment to do the same with his AR. We waited and looked toward the area we’d just left, only to find that luck was on our side and we’d avoided a larger confrontation. Continue reading…

Beer Run Part Three

19:05 hours approximate
Location: Undead Central, San Diego, CA

We hit the landing and tore to the right. I gripped Joel’s shoulder while he moved (once again) in a crouch. I drew my M45 and switched it to my dominant right hand. On the grass, an army of the dead had congregated. Joel leaned over the railing, aimed…and fired at a car of all things. What the hell? He’d picked a high-end BMW; when the bullets punched into the hood, they set off an alarm.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” I cried.

The dead turned toward the sound and I realized Joel was smarter than he looked. Give a Marine a gun and they suddenly turn into a fucking brain surgeon.

“Let’s go.” Continue reading…

What’s your hand gun of choice?

You know it’s coming. You’ve told your spouse, your neighbors, your friends, and even your kids or parents. But they did the same thing, didn’t they? “Zombie apocalypse? That’s silly …”

Organizing for the zombie apocalypse may seem funny to some but we know that it’s prep work that can help out in the event of any kind of catastrophic event. If an earthquake hits and you’re cut off from the world with no way out of your neighborhood or house, what would you do? Let’s say the power also went out and you had no running water. See, it’s not just the Z-poc, this is something to think about as you plan for the future. They say that people are a few meals away from a riot and if the world goes to hell where will that leave you?

So it makes sense to collect a few survival items. Food and water for sure but lets not forget about the finer things in life. Weapons.

For this series I’ll expand the page as I have time but for now these are my picks. Yours may be different so don’t hesitate to share them on the page.

My choice for handgun is the amazing Glock17. This bad-ass holds an ample amount of rounds and you can teach anyone to how to use it in about five minutes. Not only that but the G17 takes one of the most popular rounds in the world, the 9mm parabellum. Why is that important? You can’t keep a million rounds at home and chances are that if the you are stuck in the z-poc this gun can be easily fed.


Stay tuned for more. The next entry will be about knives and blunt objects. In the meantime here’s the Glock17 in action.