I make stuff up for a living

I recently read a review on another author’s book claiming that the author had a certain political leaning based on reading his work. I had to laugh because I didn’t think anything could be further from the truth based on what I know about the author. It reminded me of some of the funny reviews I’ve read of some of my books and assumptions about me based on the reader’s interpretation of my work.

Let me hit you with a little truth regarding writers: writers make shit up for a living.

i love writingNo joke. When I write a book the last thing on my mind is making some statement (with the exception of satire). If I’m writing satire I’m probably out to lampoon some ridiculousness in the world. In Congress of the Dead I was fed up with the government shut-downs. The message was that a congress of zombies would get just as much work done as a congress of jack-holes sitting at home on their collective asses. Continue reading…