Christmas Truce at the Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge was one of the largest battles of World War II. It is named so because of the way the lines “bulged” as a Germans advanced toward Antwerp.

battle bulge bwThe German offensive had started on December 16th when they launched a massive push through the Ardennes forest. Over two hundred thousand German soldiers were involved including 340+ tanks, and 1,600 artillery pieces. The German attack caught the Allies completely by surprise. Vicious fighting occurred between the two armies until January 25th, 1945. At the time of the battles start the Allies were outnumbered, and outgunned. The 101st Airborne were dispatched to assist and the rest is history.

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Welcome to THE FRONT

I’m pleased to post a small sample of THE FRONT: SCREAMING EAGLES for your reading pleasure. The book will be released on Tuesday, December 22nd. Until then, please enjoy a free chapter.




Pine trees overhead cast shadows on the cold hard ground as Sergeant Heinz Behr studied a tuft of undergrowth that had somehow survived the frigid cold. He dropped the envelope that had contained his division’s orders and tucked the letter itself into his jacket. No fire meant there was no way to burn the paper. He should’ve ripped it to pieces and buried it, but the ground was too hard.

His face was smooth-shaven, but it had come at the cost of applying a razor in the sub-zero weather. His cheeks and chin burned like they’d been scraped raw by a cheese grater. Just another indignity to bear while waiting for the next battle. It was important to keep up a front with his men, but in this war the effort seemed futile.

His combat clothing was stitched together in places, and his jacket was sodden. His boots dragged at the ground when he walked, and he couldn’t feel his toes. He’d long since given up on being disgusted at his own smell—that and that of his men. The last time he’d had a bath was sometime before the battle outside of St. Lo. He’d taken a bullet wound across his upper arm, but the medic had managed to stave off an infection. That or God had seen fit to allow him to keep his limb. Continue reading…

I'm a writer

Projects underway update

I have a variety of books in the works and thought I’d post an update. I’m a full-time professional author now so it’s my absolute pleasure to get to write every single day rather than slogging through a 3 1/2 hour daily commute to and from Seattle for a day job. As writing is the new normal, my book output will pick up quite a bit.

First up is THE FRONT – A World War II novel about the allies at the Battle of the Bulge with a zombie twist. I’m writing this series with David Moody (one of the guys who directly influenced me to write! What an honor), and my good friend and Stoker nominated author Craig DiLouie. Craig and I hatched this idea during a drunken night at a convention in Seattle back in May. We figured we had no way to get David Moody onboard but he surprised us by jumping at the chance. The first book, THE FRONT: SCREAMING EAGLES will be available in December 2015. The book will be followed closely by the second novel from David Moody. Craig will write the third. Continue reading…