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Howdy friends. With any luck IMPACT EARTH: SYMBIOSIS will be available by the end of the week. In the meantime, here’s the prologue to whet your appetite. The book will be released for $2.99 for the first few days. After that it will go up by one dollar to $3.99. The book runs about 350 pages and is my longest novel in 3 years. I hope you enjoy this little sample.



International Space Station
10:47 Zulu time

Yuri Novitskiy awoke to pounding.

He tried to roll over, but then he remembered he was stuck in a cocoon that was Velcroed to a wall. Or, as Sheppard liked to call it, being mummified for eight hours. One of the hardest parts about living in zero-g was that it didn’t matter which direction you faced. There was no gravity to tell you which way was up and which way was down.

The familiar machine shop smell of the space station came back to him: a combination of oil, recycled air, and ionization particles. Then there were the constant noises of moving air and machinery humming away as the space station kept its occupants alive. Continue reading…

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IMPACT EARTH Sample Chapter

I hope you enjoy this small sample of IMPACT EARTH: SYMBIOSIS which is coming out in February 2016. In this chapter, titled Damage, we meet Victor, one of the main characters caught up in an alien invasion in downtown Seattle. While this has been through a round of edits there may still be a few minor issues. Also, this is an abridged version of the chapter. Impact Earth runs over 350 pages so there will be plenty more to sink your teeth into.



ImpactEarth_finalVictor was already having a bad day thanks to the noisy downstairs neighbors who’d kept him and Laura up half the night. Then the sky opened up and tried to kill him.

Rain pelted the overhang in a steady rhythm that washed away the sounds of cars racing along 1st Avenue. The downfall came so fast and heavy that at times Victor wondered if a marching band had taken up residence above and decided to use the shelter’s roof as practice for a college football game.

He dared not look up, because his rain jacket had seen better days, and if a hint of wind caught his hood, he would likely end up with a face full of water. He wished he could have stayed in bed with Laura and ridden out the storm.

When he’d tried to leave the apartment this morning he’d found himself blocked in.

The jerk on the first floor spent his days smoking weed. In the summer, when the back door had to be open to keep the upstairs apartment cool, the smell wafted up and filled Victor’s living room on an hourly basis. Even though it was improbably early it seemed that the downstairs neighbor’s buddy had showed up, probably to sell him more pot, and in the process had blocked in Victor’s car. Continue reading…