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Night of the Living Old Farts release

old farts vectorOver the last few months I have gotten back to my roots by writing a couple of humorous tales. I’m happy to announce that the newest, Night of the Living Old Farts, will have a release party on Thursday, Feb 5th. The story takes place in an assisted living facility where the residents fight not only zombies, but a military force who can’t tell them apart from the undead.

This includes a story inspired by a conversation at Texas Frightmare last year (Note: I will be at this year’s convention in Dallas!) I had with Rhiannon Frater’s husband, Corey. It posits a simple question. What if a singularity, that is, an AI that has become sentient, had no interest in the human race? The story is called Pussy Cat ‘Pocalypse. Rounding out the collection is a nasty bit of bizarro entitled Drive Through Buggery.

There is a Facebook event happening on Thursday, February 5th starting at 2:00PM PST. Please swing by and you may have a chance to win free ebooks and audiobooks. Continue reading…