I’m very pleased to announce that THE FRONT: SCREAMING EAGLES is now available on Amazon. Not only that but it’s on sale for .99 today and tomorrow. 

I hope you enjoy this sample from the book. Look for the second book, THE FRONT: RED DEVILS in the coming months.

TheFront_updatedsub_altGrillo shivered, and thought about moving around. He’d been sitting here for over an hour, and the chill had sunk in. His clothes felt damp thanks to the cold, and he was pretty sure his jacket was frozen to the tree.

He held his M1 Garand to his chest like it was his best friend. It was loaded with a full-eight round clip and he had a few extra in his pouch. Not enough if they came under heavy fire, but the rest of the squad’s ammo was spread thin. Him being the new guy, they’d stripped most of his rounds when he’d arrived and passed them out among the other men. Continue reading…