Drafts: Everything you ever needed to know about writing the “puke-draft”

first draftEvery writer sits down, pours their heart onto the page, bleeds for their words, and then offers them to their readership. This is nothing new. What may surprise you is the amount of work that goes into refining those words. When I was a kid, I used to think that writers like Stephen King plopped down for a few months, spewed a book onto the word processor, and then sent the unedited manuscript to someone else to edit and publish while he rolled around on a mattress covered in hundred dollar bills and gold nuggets.

But that’s not even close to how it works. Any writer worth his or her salt wouldn’t send a first draft to their worst enemy. Writers, for the most part, take a lot of pride in what they do with the craft. Sure, there’s that piece of shit book on Amazon, you’ve seen it; this thing was written like a high school project and should have been burned. But it’s out there complete with a cover created in MS Paint and a review from the author’s mother. Continue reading…