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Impact Earth: Symbiosis is out now

After 3 1/2 years IMPACT EARTH: SYMBIOSIS is finally available. During the first week of release it is only $2.99 for kindle. It’s also in the kindle unlimited library so you can read it as part of your subscription. The paperback will be ready in a few weeks.

Here’s the synopsis:

“It was a quiet Seattle morning until the skies filled with fire: without warning, a catastrophic meteor shower caused buildings to crumble and the lights to go out. Out of the rubble, five ordinary people arose to find themselves manifesting undreamed-of abilities.

Will they be enough to do what the military cannot — stop a massive alien invasion before the entire West Coast is destroyed?”

I started working on this book in mid 2013. I was attending Texas Frightmare (best horror con in the world) with some other Permuted Press authors. Peter Cline’s Ex-Heroes books were taking off big time. I remember chatting with Peter and saying something along the lines of “There are a ton of zombie books. I think you’re really paving the way with superhero books. It’s going to be a huge book genre.” A few days later I had an idea for Impact Earth and started writing it. Continue reading…