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I have a variety of books in the works and thought I’d post an update. I’m a full-time professional author now so it’s my absolute pleasure to get to write every single day rather than slogging through a 3 1/2 hour daily commute to and from Seattle for a day job. As writing is the new normal, my book output will pick up quite a bit.

First up is THE FRONT – A World War II novel about the allies at the Battle of the Bulge with a zombie twist. I’m writing this series with David Moody (one of the guys who directly influenced me to write! What an honor), and my good friend and Stoker nominated author Craig DiLouie. Craig and I hatched this idea during a drunken night at a convention in Seattle back in May. We figured we had no way to get David Moody onboard but he surprised us by jumping at the chance. The first book, THE FRONT: SCREAMING EAGLES will be available in December 2015. The book will be followed closely by the second novel from David Moody. Craig will write the third.

IMPACT EARTH – I have been working on this book for over three years. The idea was to create an alien invasion book with the same format as my first novel AMONG THE LIVING. Four distinct and varied characters may be humanities last hope. Much like my first book this is pre-apocalyptic setting. The main characters have been granted near super-human abilities thanks to alien technology. If you’ve read my Among the Living books you know what to expect. Not every hero is super.

Z-RISEN 5: BARRIERS – If you hadn’t guessed from the title, this book is directly tied to my novel BEYOND THE BARRIERS. The sequel to BtB was in limbo for a long time thanks to an ill advised brush with a literary agent as well as changes at my publisher. The Z-RISEN books have always been set in the same world but this is my chance to finally merge the timelines. Jackson Creed and Joel Kelly along with the other survivors from the San Diego region have managed to find a new home. Months into a new relatively quiet and peaceful life, a pair of characters appear who will have a huge impact on the survivors. Look for this book around March or April of 2016.

I’m also starting a secret project with another author I’ve long respected. I promise you one thing, you’ll be damaged after reading this one. The book promises to be dark and filled with violence, sex, and rock and roll. More soon.

Happy reading and thank you all so very much for taking a chance on my work.



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