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Night of the Living Old Farts release

old farts vectorOver the last few months I have gotten back to my roots by writing a couple of humorous tales. I’m happy to announce that the newest, Night of the Living Old Farts, will have a release party on Thursday, Feb 5th. The story takes place in an assisted living facility where the residents fight not only zombies, but a military force who can’t tell them apart from the undead.

This includes a story inspired by a conversation at Texas Frightmare last year (Note: I will be at this year’s convention in Dallas!) I had with Rhiannon Frater’s husband, Corey. It posits a simple question. What if a singularity, that is, an AI that has become sentient, had no interest in the human race? The story is called Pussy Cat ‘Pocalypse. Rounding out the collection is a nasty bit of bizarro entitled Drive Through Buggery.

There is a Facebook event happening on Thursday, February 5th starting at 2:00PM PST. Please swing by and you may have a chance to win free ebooks and audiobooks.

This makes my third short book in 2 months. Not that I’m avoiding the new Z-Risen book, but some things have pushed back the release of the new book. However the book will release before May of this year and my editor is diligently working on the manuscript.

IOld Farts cover working 3n the meantime, be sure to check out the new stories. Each is available for only .99 and is also in the Kindle Unlimited Library.

“Fast” Freddie McCallister and Jerry Winfield have been hanging out in God’s waiting room for over a decade. The senior citizens pass the time by playing cards and trading insults. When the zombie apocalypse is unleashed in their assisted living facility they struggle to survive not just the threat, but a military force that can’t tell the difference the residents and the zombies. The two men are joined by the ornery Ms. Cromeenes, who might put the men out of their misery before the undead complete the task. Together, the three will fight to survive the Night of the Living Old Farts.


dr spengle new cover

 Charged by the Führer himself with finding help for the floundering Nazi war machine, Dr. Spengle searches the empire for a solution. After a set of mystical stones opens a portal between worlds, the doctor is sure that he will find a new ally.

A band of visibly drunk, hyper-violent mythical creatures led by the foul mouthed Unihorn, Iain McKinnon, doesn’t take too kindly to the Nazi’s plans to coerce them into fighting for the Reich. Ten thousand strong, the Unihorn’s descend on the Nazi empire in all out war.

Dr. Spengle vs. The Unihorn Horror is a novellete written by Timothy W. Long and Jonathan Moon, the guys who brought you The Apocalypse and Satan’s Glory Hole. We hope you dig our sick little tale of Unicorns beating the snot out of Nazi Germany.


Version 2Barlathew the Buff has been charged by his god, Dafuq, with a simple mission. To eliminate a fledgling Dark Lord from the lands of Eldgor, because, much like taxes, Dark Lords must be dealt with from time to time.

Our hero is soon joined by Lancel Grumplingorf, a Dwarven Cleric of Leefser, who is addicted to smashing foes with his two-handed hammer, Kneecrusher, and spouting drunken slurs whenever the opportunity presents itself. Tagging along are the twins, Bash and Groove, who are the offspring of an Elven maiden and a silver dragon (best not to ask about the mating ritual). They also recruit the slightly insane monk Fong Thru Yu, a martial arts expert who is as much a danger to himself as his foes, thanks to his ability to fly into a blind rage at the first hint of danger.

Now the heroes must traverse the desert of Idle Desolation if they are to confront the malevolent powers within the Fortress of Untimely Evil, and emerge smug, and victorious. There’s just one problem. The Dark Lord doesn’t want any trouble and the heroes are a bunch of a-holes. There truly are no heroes in the story.

I hope you enjoy these new stories, and look for Z-Risen 3 in the very near future!

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