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When the USS McClusky (FFG-41) was overrun by the dead Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed, and Marine Sergeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly, were forced to abandon the ship, and take their chances in San Diego.

Now they are stuck in a city that has been completely overrun with zombies and as the days go by they must range farther and farther away from ‘fortress’ in their search for supplies. Relying on military training, guts, and pure force of will, the two of them will face a nightmare world that is intent on killing them one bite at a time.

Z-Risen was written by Timothy W. Long author of the zombie novels AMONG THE LIVING, AMONG THE DEAD, and the military themed BEYOND THE BARRIERS, all published by Permuted Press.

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Entry #1 – Beer Run pt 1
Entry #2 – Beer Run pt 2
Entry #3 – Beer Run pt 3


  1. Emalee   •  

    Just got done reading beer run, it was good enjoyed it will read 2 now.

    • zrisentim   •     Author

      Thanks for checking out Z-Risen.


      • Jon T.   •  

        Z-Risen is great but we need more soon, your making me jones for the next book, keep them coming it’s a good story.

  2. David   •  

    Hi Tim, what happened to the .mobi downloads? :(

    • zrisentim   •     Author

      The .mobi files were buggy. I’ll fix them and get them uploaded again as soon as I have some time to devote. Hang in there.


  3. Cathy   •  

    Tim, just finished reading Z-Risen Outbreak and I loved it, cant wait for number 2 story.

  4. Bob   •  

    When is book 2 going to be on Amazon?

    • zrisentim   •     Author

      Shooting for Late February to Early March. The title will be Z-Risen: Outcasts. Thank you for checking out the book!

  5. Tom   •  

    Fantastic !! Cannot wait for the next one!

  6. lindy   •  

    When will the z risen outcasts be ready

  7. Robert Gallaway   •  

    Hey Tim,

    When is the estimated time of when your going to put book 3 out? I’m dying to find out what happens to Creed’s love interest, I feel I read into something that your making us wait for. Hope it doesn’t take to long. Thanks

  8. Elizabeth Zaza   •  

    I read both the Z-Risen books Outbreak and Outcasts and loved them both. I am sure you are asked this question a lot but when will the next book in the series be released to the public? I just want to know how long I have to remain patient because when it comes to a really good story line I don’t do patient well. Seriously, those were two good books!

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