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Thank you all for the comments on the site and on Facebook. Writing Z-Risen and giving it away for free is a complete blast. Normally I write a book for a publisher and have a  deadline but Z-Risen is a labor of love so I can write chapters and post them at my leisure. Of course, if you want to buy one of my books it would put a smile on my face as well as my publishers but it’s not a requirement to keep reading this story.

Enjoy this free Z-Risen wallpaper.

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Z-Risen Wallpaper Timothy W Long

What’s your hand gun of choice?

You know it’s coming. You’ve told your spouse, your neighbors, your friends, and even your kids or parents. But they did the same thing, didn’t they? “Zombie apocalypse? That’s silly …”

Organizing for the zombie apocalypse may seem funny to some but we know that it’s prep work that can help out in the event of any kind of catastrophic event. If an earthquake hits and you’re cut off from the world with no way out of your neighborhood or house, what would you do? Let’s say the power also went out and you had no running water. See, it’s not just the Z-poc, this is something to think about as you plan for the future. They say that people are a few meals away from a riot and if the world goes to hell where will that leave you?

So it makes sense to collect a few survival items. Food and water for sure but lets not forget about the finer things in life. Weapons.

For this series I’ll expand the page as I have time but for now these are my picks. Yours may be different so don’t hesitate to share them on the page.

My choice for handgun is the amazing Glock17. This bad-ass holds an ample amount of rounds and you can teach anyone to how to use it in about five minutes. Not only that but the G17 takes one of the most popular rounds in the world, the 9mm parabellum. Why is that important? You can’t keep a million rounds at home and chances are that if the you are stuck in the z-poc this gun can be easily fed.


Stay tuned for more. The next entry will be about knives and blunt objects. In the meantime here’s the Glock17 in action.

Beer Run Part One

In the event this log is found with my corpse, I’m Machinist Mate First Class Jackson Creed and it’s been a week since we arrived back in San Diego following the event. With me is Marine Sergeant Joel “Cruze” Kelly. 

A little over a week ago we were both stationed on the USS McClusky, an Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate out of San Diego. Our ship was overrun by the dead and we barely escaped with our lives. Now we live in the middle of Undead Central.


The fuckening has become more bearable even though we almost joined the crawlers today.


  • A pound and a half of Jasmine rice
  • A half pound of dried beans
  • Two pounds of that tofu-jerky shit that gives me gas
  • Seven cans of tuna
  • Two cans of cat food that I’m saving for Butch in case he returns
  • A case of canned spinach that I eat even though every bite makes me want to puke my guts up

I want to go on record as saying that this whole stupid day was Joel’s fault.


18:25 hours approximate.
Location: Undead Central, San Diego, CA

“Look at all of those crawlers. Everyone wants a piece of us,” Joel whispered. Continue reading…